Sri Lanka - Latest Report

Update April 2014...

The most recent trip to Sri Lanka was in November 2013. It was Pastor Eric Parker’s first trip to the country but one of many trips made by Pastor Andrew Jenkins, who has been visiting the Sri Lankan nation for nine years and seen the progress made in a nation troubled by wars and disasters.

Three regions were visited Jaffna in the North; Wenapuwa in Central Sri Lanka and Colombo in the South.  While in the country Eric and Andrew were able to preach, teach and support the leaders and to view progress in the Bible College building.

This trip also coincided with the 50th Jubilee Celebration events with the three regions visited holding special services. These were very well attended and proved to be a great blessing. Gifts were given to each region from the UK to mark the occasion. Similarly presentations were made to both the UK National Church and ActionOverseas , which were gratefully received.

The Sri Lankan Apostolic Church are most grateful to the UK for their partnership which they seek to maintain.