Burma - Latest Report

Update November 2016.......A team has recently visited Burma.

Carol Jenkins and Rachel Bainbridge report on their trip.

'The team which included Pastor Glen Chaplin and his wife Sarah and ourselves spent time with both the children in the home and the students in the Bible College.

The Children's Home

On the Saturday we spent the day with the 49 children and 6 staff at the village. The children looked healthy and happy. Recently two new children had arrived at the home, both boys. One of whom is only 18 months old. This little boy has a diagnosis of T.B, but whilst we were there he was happily running around with the other children. 

The children took part in a day of 'Sunday school' style activities, including: bible teaching, games, worship and fun. It was immensely enjoyable for the children and the team and it enabled us to share on the theme of 'running the race' and how we can prepare for the challenges of this in our lives. It was great to see the children engage with worship and sing songs we had taught them in previous years,  it was a real blessing to witness this. 

We were able to buy lunch for the staff and children and this provided a lovely opportunity to eat and share together. 

Children and families connected to the dance school we run had put together pencil cases with stationary and equipment for school inside and a booklet about being a Christian. Each child received one of these and in addition to this, Glen was able to provide each one with pocket money. 

The following day saw us in church, where members of the team provided teaching, preaching, worship and children's ministry. There were one or two new faces in church which was great to see.

During the afternoon we were back at the children's village with the children and staff, playing games and making crafts, we were blessed to hear the children's excitement and laughter as they took part. 

We were able to provide money to enable them to mend the children's bikes and also to fix the taps, quite a few in the homes had become blocked and stopped working.  Money was also given for the provision of the bus that enables the children to attend church. A guitar was purchased and given to enable Lydia to continue teaching the children songs, as her own, much used guitar had broken. 

A few of the older children who have done very well academically, now attend a private school which is enabling them to make great progress in their education. 

The Bible College

The college currently has 18 students, which is fewer than in previous years. It was a pleasure to meet the new first year students, they seemed happy and positive about the future.

Members of the team provided bible teaching on the themes of practical help from the gospels, worship and the bible characters Peter and Paul. 

Afternoons were spent doing more 'Hands on' practical based things, Sarah taught a few students the basics of keyboard playing - they managed to learn to play a few songs, which was a great achievement. We worked with the rest of the students giving them practical ideas and experiences on working with children, which many of the college students will have to do during their time at the college.  The combination of sharing bible teaching and practical input seemed to be effective and was appreciated a lot. 

The team were able to take the students out to lunch at a nearby restaurant, this was a great opportunity to chat and get to know a few of them better.

An electronic keyboard was purchased for the bible college and money given to help with the provision of food for the students in the college. Many of them cannot afford to pay the basic fees to attend the college and so some times this shortfall of funding has an impact upon the provision of basic needs, such as food

Please Pray for Burma

Pray for the newest member of the children's village, that the T.B would be healed and he would continue to settle in well.

Pray for God's provision to enable the bible college students to complete their studies.

Pray for Burma as this is a rapidly changing country with many difficulties for the people.'




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