Brazil - Latest Report

April 2015 update...

The church in Brazil strongly value the link they have with the UK and have a high regard for our endeavours over the years. With the Centenary fast approaching they are hoping that many will be able to attend the celebrations in the UK.

In the country there are many Evangelists but a need for Prophets and Teachers. There are big crusades being held in churches and many good worship bands. These are mainly confined to one state in a vast country with new churches being gradually planted.

There is a need in the country for more women to be released, with some very gifted women evident. They are also aiming to develop a health and school project. The country is growing economically with some church people having good jobs.

Pastor Flavio, shown in photo above far left, is the National Leader. Babel, Pastor Noel Quinlan's daughter in law stands beside, she works with children in the slums. 

Centre photo shows all the leaders.

The photo on far right shows pastors and leaders being prayed for, that God would use them more prophetically.


Mozambique - Latest Report

April 2015 Update….

Stuart Wood is the Africa Co-Ordinator for ActionOverseas, he regularly visits the nations of Africa where the Apostolic Church have connections.  

As many of you will have been aware there have been major issues in Mozambique with flooding. ActionOverseas set up an Emergency Relief Fund and money has been pouring into this fund to help the people affected.

One hundred and twenty Apostolic Church families have lost their homes during the floods. Nine church buildings were destroyed and twelve lost their lives.

Stuart visited Nampula where there are a number of churches, however since his visit they experienced even more torrential rain, which was almost non-stop for two weeks. This resulted in two more church buildings being destroyed and others losing their homes.

Over just a few days the floods poured down the mountains and devastated everything in its path. The stories below are just a few of many;

One family of five lost two children when the canoe they were being rescued in over turned. Mum managed to save the smallest child but the father couldn’t reach the other two before they were washed away.

One man was using his canoe to rescue people when his boat flipped over by the winds and he drowned.

A young girl of two was drowned when her family were fleeing their flooded compound. The water was so high and the little girl didn’t see the open well in the garden and fell in and drowned.

One family with six children, lost their mother and two of the children as they fled the rising flood waters. The father managed to climb a tree and reach four of the children but he was unable to reach his wife or the remaining two children. And watched as they were washed away in the torrents.

Visiting the tragic scenes has clearly impacted the pastors who are desperately trying to support and care for their congregations. Please pray for the families and churches involved that God will help them heal their broken lives. 


South Africa - Latest Report

April 2015 update....


The church plant led by Pastor Leon Pillay is doing well with fifty people meeting. Some of them used to attend the Apostolic Church many years ago and have returned recently. There are also a number of new converts.

The pastors in the Kwa Zulu Natal province in Durban have recognised a need for more church planting. Pastor Stuart Wood and his wife Sandra are currently planning teaching and training on this in order to assist with planting new Apostolic Churches in the country.

The pastors from Kwa Zulu Natal have also agreed to partner with ActionOverseas in Mozambique to support practically and with ministry. This is an exciting prospect and later this year Pastor Stuart and a team will travel to Chimoio to facilitate introductions and develop a plan for the future.


Belgium - Latest Report

February 2016 Update...

There are 5 Apostolic Churches in Belgium but there are plans to plant more churches. These five churches are experiencing gradual but real growth. The largest church has 250 people. Four pastors looks after these five assemblies. Additionally, there are two pastors-in-training. These leaders have great times together.

The Brussels Christian School, ‘Les Tournesols’, is in good health. There are currently 350 children at this school. Many Muslim children attend Les Tournesols. The school cares for children between the ages of 3 to 16 year old. Michele Marechal is the Director of this school.

The Belgian churches collaborate to support the Apostolic Church in Togo (Africa). In Togo they help support 8 Christian schools with around 1200 children in total. The Togo Apostolic Church is actively planting new churches.

Eric Marechal is the leader of the Apostolic assembly in Brussels and he oversees the Apostolic movement in Belgium


Vietnam - Latest Report

June 2015 Update...


Working with churches in a country that calls itself communist, presents its own challenges and dangers. But, the church is growing in Vietnam and many of the pastors believe that a revival is very close. However, living in a State where there is much oppression and undermining of the church, tensions can be formed and building relationships inside and outside the church have their challenges.

But, with all these challenges the work of God is growing and lives are being transformed.  Ly, was raised in a Buddhist family. When family issues began taking a heavy toll she began writing a journal and this became her best friend, she did not understand that someone could love you. Then one day Ly heard about Jesus, and He began to heal the relationships that had been torn apart. Ly turned from being angry to loving people in a new way. 

Key to the development of Leaders and Pastors in the church has been the setting up of a School of Ministry. Pastors receive training three times each year in theological, leadership and practical studies. As this exciting initiative develops we will be informing prayer partners of ongoing progress and at present would value your prayers as the church continues its progress.


ActionOverseas is also working in neighbouring Laos.  A large proportion of this work is a venture and partnership with the Apostolic Church, Australia. Visits are made a couple of times a year, to bring encouragement. Another aspect of the work has been established by an Apostolic pastor from Vietnam who has been visiting to bring teaching and pastoral training to churches outside Vientiane, the capital. 



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