Pakistan Emergency Aid

ActionOverseas would like to thank supporters for their generosity in raising funds for the Pakistan Emergency Relief Project. A target of £10,000 has been set for this appeal by ActionOverseas.

Pastor Andrew Jenkins is the ActionOverseas Link Board Member for Asia. Here below, Andrew provides an update on the situation in Pakistan:

Pakistan's worst floods in recorded history have killed more than 1,750 people and affected 20 million - more than a tenth of the population. A massive cascade of waters, triggered by heavy monsoon rains in late July, swept through the country, washing away homes, roads, bridges, crops and livestock. It ploughed a swathe of destruction from northern Pakistan to the southern province of Sindh. The United Nations estimates 10 million people urgently need food and shelter. Many are living in wretched conditions beside roads, sleeping in the open with little food and clean water. The authorities and aid agencies have struggled to help the survivors, many of whom have lost everything and say they received no warnings that raging waters were heading their way.

The scale of the flooding in Pakistan and the colossal damage to infrastructure has placed an unbearable burden on the government and aid agencies. Recent news of people rioting in their desperation for drinking water and other essentials needed to preserve life, all highlight the massive need. I am confident that ActionOverseas from its past exposure to the Asian Tsunami and Pakistan earthquake will be able to target its support in helping people through the coming months. We are not equipped as an organisation in the first phase of disaster management. This would be Search, rescue and emergency medical support. The risk of disease is massive because of insufficient clean drinking water and the absence of proper sanitation. Actionoverseas will target its support in the second phase which offers support to maintain people in the aftermath of such a disaster.

Prayer Points:
1. Pakistan remains still a very volatile country with risks to foreigners still apparent. It would be good if the people in the UK will pray that my application for Visa will be granted without difficulty.
2. Ps Francis Pfister and I will be able to travel safely and in good health.
3. The ActionOverseas Aid response will be well targeted and become an opportunity for the gospel.
4. The Lord`s protection for our Pakistan colleagues as they operate in a hostile Islamic environment.


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