Haiti Emergency Relief Project

ActionOverseas are pleased to announce that the current total raised for the Haiti Emergency Relief Project is: £17,379!

Thank you to all those who contributed so generously. ActionOverseas are pleased to be working with Kids Alive to fund a church project in the village of Ganthier, Haiti.

David Spurdle, the UK director of Kids Alive travelled out to Haiti to visit the village devastated by the recent earthquake, in March this year, to see first hand the level of need experienced by the people there.

David reports: "Pastor Eteine of the Biblico church is the pastor of the church which is providing an education for the 117 students. They have 5 unpaid teachers. The school consists of one room made from wood, canvas, board and tin sheets. The 'room' also serves as the church. The teachers receive a little money when the children can afford to bring some. Over the past 10 years, Pastor Eteine and his congregation have been building a new church. However, because of the escalation in price of building materials, this work has been at a standstill for the past 2 years.

"The work in Haiti will be co-ordinated by an elder from the 'Brethren Biblico church' in the Domincan Republic, his name is Ramon Prenza and he has been described as 'a highly respected, trustworthy man who gets things done'. Ramon will visit Haiti in April with desperately needed food supplies, medical aid and sound counselling and advice."

Your generous giving has enabled ActionOverseas to provide funds to purchase building materials, food, medicine, educational equipment and the provision of a monthly gift for the school staff.


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