Significant times for the Sri Lankan church

At the end of October 2009 Pastors Andrew Jenkins & Simon Taylor visited Sri Lanka for a period of 2 weeks & then spent a further week in India. Pastor Simon Taylor writes:

‘We had the privilege of being part of the Sri Lankan National Youth Camp over 3 days, attended by approximately 450 young people. We both had the opportunity to minister around the theme of ‘Warriors’. Their worship was passionate & it was an incredible experience to be a part of what God is doing with the young people in the Sri Lankan Apostolic Church. It was a real blessing to spend a few days meeting with the National Church Executive & Pastors Council. Further, in a special celebration service, Ps Andrew ordained Ps Amal Raj as the church’s new National Leader, together with a number of Apostles, Pastors & Teachers. These are times of real significance as the church moves forward in Sri Lanka.

In India we both had the privilege of ministering in our church in Chennai and in the Bible School nearby. We travelled via sleeper train (a long 12-hour journey!) further south to Tuticorin where approximately 70 people gathered to a mid-week It was great to meet some of the people who had been caught up in the Tsunami .’


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