Haiti Earthquake Disaster

Dear Supporter,

All of us have been shocked by the horrific level of human suffering in Haiti, following the recent earthquake. It is feared that an estimated 650,000 children have been orphaned as a result of the devastating earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday January 12th., 2010. ActionOverseas has received communication from supporters who are keen to help and willing to give in response to this crisis.

We are pleased to communicate that ActionOverseas’ partner organisation, Kids Alive, have contacts and a base in Haiti. This Kids Alive connection makes the reliable and urgent provision of aid to Haitian victims, both a very feasible and an immediately achievable project. The information below provides a brief outline of the current Kids Alive aid process that is taking place in Haiti:

In Haiti, Kids Alive have three homes and a small school in the north of the country at a place called ‘Cap Haitain’. Thousands of refugees have fled by bus from Port au Prince, the devastated capital, to Cap Haitian. Kids Alive relief efforts to date have included emergency relief directly into Haiti, and funding, support and all the emergency requirements for Kids Alive staff at Cap Haitian as they seek to help the influx of needy displaced people as well as take fifty more orphans into their care. This is a tall order that will require emergency shelter, water, food and lots of care and love. Fuel, medicine and materials for the Kids Alive emergency tented camp, for the kids at Cap Haitian, are now on their way from the Dominican Republic.

We continue to pray for all of those affected by this disaster, but the opportunity for us to respond now and quickly deliver practical help is made possible by our partnership with Kids Alive. ActionOverseas will manage any donations that are made, and we will endeavour to report exactly how those funds are making a difference. If you or your congregation is able to respond to this appeal, we ask that cheques are sent with the attached covering letter [which will release extra funds through Gift Aided giving] to:


ActionOverseas Haiti Aid Project
c/o J.Green
243-245 London Road
CT17 0TA

Or sent to:

ActionOverseas Haiti Aid Project
c/o N.Bainbridge
The Ark
Noah’s Ark Road
CT17 0DD

All cheques should be made payable to ‘ActionOverseas’, and write ‘Haiti’ on reverse of cheque. Please do not send cash.

Thank you for your prayers and concern regarding this emergency,


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