Can you Sponsor a Child? -

The children from the ActionOverseas Home are able to live in a loving, caring environment funded by the money they receive in sponsorship for each child. Costs are continually rising in Burma as the nation gradually becomes more open to western visitors but, this means that daily living costs are also on the increase. Each child now needs three sponsors in order to have their costs covered.

The Home now also houses forty children, meaning a total of one hundred and twenty sponsors are needed to meet the costs of the Home. Currently the ActionOverseas Home needs THIRTY more sponsors to support these lovely children.

If you are coming to Ablaze this year you can have the opportunity to choose a child to sponsor from the ActionOverseas stand (situated on the upper floor of the conference centre). Come along and find out about the children, see photos from the recent trip, watch videos and ask Carol any questions you may have. Carol has just returned from her trip to Burma and has lots of information about the Home, the children, staff and facilities.

Even if you are not interested in sponsoring a child at the moment come and pick up a newsletter with all the latest info on Burma. Hope to see you in Cheltenham.