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Thank you to everyone who donated books for the Sri Lanka Book Appeal. Also many thanks to all those who transported them around the country in order for them to reach The Christian Centre in Ebbw Vale for processing. It was great to receive books from all over the country and so many of them

The team at Ebbw Vale processed the books in terms of condition and suitability for the Bible College in Sri Lanka. Our aim was to sort through the many books that had been given and to send as many theological, study and Biblical reference books as possible, whilst keeping the shipping costs to a reasonable level. 

There were a lot of books that made it into the shipping boxes, Matthew Henry’s commentaries being a popular donation, amongst others Foxe's book of Martyrs, Strongs Concordance and many other reference books also being sent. What an studious bunch you Apostolic folks are. Amazingly we even found a copy of the book of Mormon amongst the books we received (but didn’t send), it’s surprising just what people have on their shelves. We were impressed with the standard and quality of many of the books that had been donated and were also able to repair some books that were in poorer condition

After processing the many books that had been given we packed a total of fourteen boxes of books. This doesn’t sound so much until you take into account that the combined weight of these books we were sending was an amazing quarter of a ton.

We were able to ship the books on a pallet from Ebbw Vale to the port in Colombo Sri Lanka. Once the consignment arrived, Pastor Shehan Devapriya Fernando was able to go and collect the books from  a warehouse at the port. 



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