Strengthening of East African Network -



Stuart and Sandra Wood have recently returned from Kenya where they met with the leaders of the Apostolic Churches in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

 One of the highlights of the visit was the signing of the East African Apostolic Network core values by the respective national leaders. These core values form the basis of the partnership and working relationship between the member countries. Stuart was asked to act as a witness to the signing of the document on behalf of ActionOverseas. There is a real desire amongst the various leaders to see the church expanded in their respective nations but also across the region. Their prayer is that in future the neighbouring states of Rwanda, South Sudan and Burundi will also be represented at these EAAN meetings.

 Mwadha Michael, the Ugandan national leader spoke about a prophetic word that had been given to himself and Pastor Wilfred Omumia, national leader of the Apostolic Church in Kenya about the coming together of the nations of East Africa. The signing of this agreement and a number of other factors convinced them that this was a direct fulfilment of what God had said to them 6 years ago.

 We thank God for what he is doing in these nations despite all of the practical difficulties that exist with poverty, famine, political instability and terrorist violence. In spite of these issues God is drawing his people together and we believe we are seeing a platform being established for future growth and expansion.


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