Creative leadership in Vietnamese churches -

In January 2012 Ps. Mark and Julie Andrews travelled to Vietnam on behalf of ActionOverseas. ActionOverseas are planning twice yearly visit to Vietnam to  strengthen the growing relationship with the UK. Below, Ps. Mark writes about the visit. (The faces of the believers are obscured to hide their identity and keep their safety). ‘It was a privilege on a recent visit to Ho Chi City (Siagon), Vietnam to spend time with over sixty leaders from an underground church movement. We spent time together looking at "Successful Spiritual Leadership" and bringing encouragement to many who suffer much for the cause of the Gospel.

 James, is a young man who worked as an executive with an Aisan oil company. he comes from a devout Buddhist family who were expecting great things of him. Around six months ago he met Jesus and his life is totally transformed. He has left his post at the Oil company and has set up a design and engineering business in order to employ Vietnamese Christians. (If you are a Christian in Vietnam it is nearly impossible to get a job with the government, who pay the best wages). He now employs around ten workers. Pray that his vision will continue to be a success.

Vu teaches English. He works for a private school. His heart is not only to teach English but also to reach the school community for Christ.

Students at University need somewhere to live! The church in Saigon are renting buildings and offering housing to students. They arrange for a mixture of Christians and non Christians to live together and are seeing people respond to the gospel in this creative way. Time during the evenings are spent studying the scripture and discipling the new believers.'