ActionOverseas School flourishes in Pakistan

On the 17th October 20011 Ps Andrew Jenkins arrived early in the morning to a hot and sunny Pakistan. This was a welcome change from the cold and damp he left behind 9 hours earlier.

There were a number of elements to this visit. One of them was to connect with everyone connected with Operation Lotus, especially the 3 teachers and educational support. In addition to this, a busy program of preaching, teaching and church visits would pack Andrews limited time in Pakistan. Andrew is pleased to report that the school in Charsadda is going even better than expected.

There are 80 children in attendance and amongst them some 25 children coming from Muslim families. It has been a very challenging task to set up the school from scratch, Finding a safe and suitable building, engaging good qualified teachers within a backdrop of hostile Taliban activity was no mean feat.

Ps Alexander Ijaz a retired school teacher was persuaded by Ps Andrew to oversee this project a year ago. In conversation with Ps Alex he, with a beaming smile talked of his own families disbelief that he had been asked to open a school in possibly the worlds most dangerous place. Ps Alex along with help of the Pakistan Apostolic Church pressed forward with Operation Lotus and within a year the school is teaching its first intake of children. Praise the Lord! It was agreed to take on a further 2 teachers in order to maintain class sizes within manageable numbers.

The school is now called Lotus School having dropped the word Operation.