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Typhoon Haiyan...Please help us to support those in desperate need of aid.

Millions of people have been affected by the typhoon which swept through the Philippines on Friday 8th November, with winds gusting up to 270km/h. Parts of the low-lying islands were completely flattened and many hundreds of thousands of people are now homeless. The strong winds whipped up by Typhoon Haiyan also contributed to a storm surge, which sent a wall of water crashing through some low-lying areas. The storm surge reached its height at Tacloban.

The main aid agency has produced estimates of the numbers of people affected in each province. It says Tacloban City in Leyte province has been devastated, with most houses destroyed. In total, 670,000 people are said to have been displaced - about 55% of them are living in evacuation centres. But with roads blocked and poor communications, a complete picture of how many people have been affected may not emerge for some time.

ActionOverseas has set up an Emergency Appeal for the country. We will be liaising with John and Paula Richards who are long term residential missionaries on the islands, to locate a precise need that this appeal can fill. John and Paula work for the Christian mission organisation OMF and Paula is the sister of Director of Missions, Eric Parker.

We are hoping that churches may focus on this for their Christmas giving or alternatively donations can be sent to our finance office. Imagine if together we were able to raise £25,000 to support this nation in dire need.

If you can help us, please give your donation to your local church making cheques payable to ActionOverseas but clearly marking for ‘Emergency Appeal for the Philippines’ on the reverse.

If you are not part of an Apostolic church we would still be very appreciative of your donation. In this case please send to our Finance Office at the address below. Please still make cheques payable to ActionOverseas but marked for 'Emergency Appeal for the Philippians.'

Jack King

Finance Officer MHCC

243-245 London Road

Dover, Kent

CT17 0TA

We will continue to keep you up-to-date as information develops regarding the point of delivery of the aid and reporting about the subsequent benefits.

We thank you for your generosity and prayers at this time for a very needy nation.



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