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Pastor Marcus Abbott and Pastor Eric Parker are committing to training some of the leaders from the Budapest Apostolic Church during 2014. Jani Kalupka, one of the pastors from the Budapest Apostolic Church, has helped organise the training events.

Pastor Haydn Greenow preached in the Budapest church on one of the Sundays in December 2013.

Many people were baptised at the Budapest church at the end of 2013 - some of these believers from the nearby Jaszladány Apostolic church. 

Pastor Marcus and Pastor Eric's involvement is another stage of the growing friendship between the Apostolic Church in the UK and in Hungary. The UK is the closest partner to the Hungarian Church.

Pastor Nigel Bainbridge visited the Apostolic church in Pécs, southern Hungary. Pastor Nigel has been developing a link with this assembly since 2010. This church is pursuing many different forms of outreach into the community - including having a local professional lead parent training courses in their church building. During his visit, Pastor Nigel preached at the Pécs church.

Please pray for Pastor Bálazs Pék who has recently been re-appointed as the national leader in Hungary as he guides the church into a new season of growth. The other members of the four-man Hungarian NLT are pastors Bálazs Lencse, Jószef Demeter, and Ándras Schmied.



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