Joy refreshes Apostolic Church in Hungary

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Pastor Balázs Pék, national leader of the Apostolic Church in Hungary, informs ActionOverseas that 53 people have been baptised since January. This is a huge and special form of new life in this 30-church strong group.

The church has been seeking God for refreshment and renewal, and today God is seen moving a new way. 60% of the recent converts have been young people aged 14-25. Fresh forms of evangelism are being put into practice and believers are seeing results. The Hungarian Apostolic Church officially originated in 1946 but had existed as a stream of Pentecostal Christianity since 1929. The church was suppressed and muffled during the decades of Soviet occupation.

Links with the UK have developed significantly since a visit by Pastor Warren Jones in 2005. In June 2012 the Hungarian NLT will visiting the UK and meeting with the ActionOverseas Board.


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