Need for prayer in Pakistan

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Ps. Tariq, national leader of the Apostolic church in Pakistan, writes here about a recent attack:
In the Faisalabad District of Pakistan, Muslim families on their way to and from the mosque routinely pass by the home of Skeena Bibbi, an elderly Christian woman who hosted weekly prayer meetings in her home until she was forced to flee the area with her family last month. When some of Bibbi’s Muslim neighbours discovered that she was inviting Christians from around the community to weekly prayer, they incited one another to break in to the woman’s home on July 28th and harass the believers who had gathered for the meeting.

The next day, they returned to Bibbi’s home when all of her family members were away at work and she was left alone. Arriving at her door armed with sticks and guns, the Muslim attackers mercilessly beat Bibi – severely injuring her head and arm. When the Muslims finished beating the elderly woman, they left her and travelled to her son’s workplace. After luring him outside, they beat the young man with rods. His injuries to his head and ribs can be seen in the picture.

When the family attempted to submit a complaint to the police, their Muslim neighbours intervened and forcefully told the family to make peace with their attackers.

In Pakistan, it is very common for Christian victims to be forced into accepting reconciliation when they decide to take their case to the police. Bibbi and her family have now abandoned their home and fled their community due to continued pressure from their Muslim neighbours and fear of another attack. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Ps. Andrew Jenkins will be visiting Pakistan during October 2011 to monitor Operation Lotus and bring Bible teaching


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