Water flows and the lights shine in Zimbabwe!

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Pastor Marcus Thomas and Kenny Thompson, both from Lurgan, returned to Northern Ireland on Saturday 24th September after a very successful mission trip to Zimbabwe. In summing up the trip, Pastor Marcus says, “This was the most fruitful of all my trips to Zimbabwe in the past few years. We left the UK not sure of a number of things concerning the Bambadzi Water Project and whether lights could be installed in the Siphenzi church. But we returned giving thanks to God for his faithfulness and the amazing way that God arranges appointments and puts people across our path.”

Water was found in Bambadzi! Praise God. Through a friend in Harare, Ps. Marcus was put in touch with a water diviner who came back from Zambia to go to Bambadzi with Ps. Marcus and Kenny on Tuesday 20th September. Water was found at two spots on the market garden plot. When it came to paying the water diviner the answer was “no charge.” By “cold calling” in Bulawayo, a drilling company have agreed to go out to Bambadzi for one borehole. This is an answer to prayer. Bambadzi is such a distance from Bulawayo that Ps. Marcus expected a drilling company would not go out to such a remote area for less than two boreholes. Also, the drilling company are willing to go straightaway to Bambadiz. Marcus says, “within two days, all the arrangements were in place for the borehole in Bambadzi.” The market garden area measures 60x40 yards someone has paid for the fencing for the plot!!


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