Water flows in Zimbabwe -

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On Tuesday 21st February the dream that the Bridge Community Church (BCC), Lurgan, had for Bambadzi in Zimbabawe since September 2010 came true.

At the beginning of February, a drilling company went out to Bambadzi to drill the borehole. Three possible drilling places had already been identified. Drillwell, the company the BCC had employed for the project, chose one of the spots and found water at 65 metres.

The hole was doubled cased and caped. Arrangements were then made for the pumping equipment to be installed. This all happened on Tuesday 21st February. The money for this project, which cost $8600, came mainly from local fund raising and gifts from individuals.

The BCC would like to thank Actionoverseas, Glynneath Apostolic Church and the young people at Waterfront Community Church, Swansea, for their financial support of the project. Also, the BCC would like to thank Pastor Amos Sibanda, Deputy Leader Apostolic Church, Zimbabwe, for his coordination of the project.

See and youtube “bambadzi water” for more pictures from Bambadzi. (Article by Ps. Marcus Thomas).
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Water flows in Zimbabwe

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