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Team visits Malaysia, Vietnam and Burma

ActionOverseas have had a three-nation trip to Malaysia, Vietnam and Burma. Contacts and friendships in Asia are growing and providing new opportunities.

In Burma, the team visited the Yangon Children's Home and spent time training the Bible School students. Recent generous donations from groups were individually assigned to the current needs in the home.

During the trip, Dover elder Steve Green, Bible School architect inspected the pleasing building progress.

In Vietnam time was spent training church leaders. Vietnam church network leader, David Nam, was ordained as an Apostolic pastor - this is the first Apostolic pastor in Vietnam. Please continue to pray for the believers in Vietnam who face many challenges.

The team renewed fellowship with the Malaysian Christians especially Ps Lawrence who was met previously in the World Apostolic Leaders Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2010. Eric Parker provided teaching to a group of church leaders. The team learned about the impressive short-term mission strategy that operated in a local church, where each person engaged in one STM trip per year!


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