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ActionOverseas is the mission department of The Apostolic Church of Great Britain.

Permanent missionaries were located in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and India until the 1980's with resident missionaries in Mozambique, Chile, South Africa and Latvia until 2010.
At present there are missionaries in Malawi.

The Council of Apostles convened in 1922 and was entitled 'A Missionary Council' which established the principle that the purpose for its existence, was to be a 'Sending Church' - and its objective: to preach the gospel to as many unreached people of the world as possible.

Now the board is known as 'ActionOverseas' and the original phrase used to encapslate their vision 'Belting the Globe' is now being realised as over 50 nations in the world have Apostolic churches.

ActionOverseas still seeks to fulfill the Great Commission by sending mission teams and establishing autonomous churches and leaders in nations all around the world.

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